2013.07.23 Categories: politics Keywords: extrajudicial kill list, armed drones, militarization, surveillance, international law, UN, United Nations, US military bases, war against terrorism, hubris, security council, human rights, human dignity

Suggestions for the International Community

The combination of a US extrajudicial-kill-list, armed drones, worldwide US military presence, and worldwide US information surveillance cannot be permitted to continue, as it is highly hazardous to world peace, human rights, fundamental human dignity, freedom, self-determination, international law, and prosperity among nations. It is easy enough to say this is unacceptable, but what can the world community do about this?

The international community needs to ask itself whether it is willing to permit the entire globe to become no longer capable of countering an unchecked US government exerting ever increasing surveillance and military control over every region of Earth. Now is the time to act because soon it will be too late for there to be any hope of anyone anywhere being able to stand up to the US government. Do we really want to go down that road?

There are still some strategies that might produce results if the international community takes immediate action.